It’s 5 Minute Friday ya’ll! What’s 5 Minute Friday? You write, uncensored for 5 minutes. You can post it on your blog or just write for yourself. It’s a way of getting your creative juices flowing and nurturing your inner artist. We all have one and he or she needs the freedom to get out, you know? If you do blog your response, please let me know! I wanna read. And share Gypsy Mama’s 5 Minute Friday button on your post.


I don’t want to talk about it. The End. See you Monday!

Funny writing prompt today because there are simply things I cannot, will not discuss. With anyone. And while I understand the point of 5 minute Fridays are to write with abandon and without censorship, this is one part that stays censored. Always.

I can talk loss in general terms. Hypothetical. People. Bonds that should have stayed bonded but came unraveled. Indelicate, quick breaking. Then loss. I see others going down that path of breaking bonds. I internally plead. No. Don’t do it. The loss you create is far far worse than what you think you will gain.

My terror of loss manifests in irrational ways. I lose an old postcard, a tank top, my keys. The house melts down. I don’t want a spare key, I want MY key. I don’t care that I don’t need the postcard. I NEED to find the postcard. Where is it? How can I get it back? Fury, fear, helplessness… frantic until the missing article is found and rightfully restored to its proper place. You’d think I’d just get more organized.

There’s a difference between losing and letting go. A fear of loss prevents us, I think, from letting go of unhelpful situations. Paradoxically, the things that hurt the most to lose can’t be retained just by exerting an iron grip. We will lose the people we love eventually, no matter how tightly we hold on to them. It’s the unimportant things that we can grasp and never relinquish. A job, identity, an outdated dream… we cling to them anxiously because we don’t know what happens when we let it go. Who will we be if we don’t drag it around with us? How will we act? Who will we love? More importantly, who will love us? Will letting go cause us to lose a part of ourselves? Or will it allow us to be the person we were meant to be?

Ran out of time here. Thankfully. This writing prompt was… not my favorite. Did you do one? Let me know below!