Hey Fitties!  Thanks for your sweet and funny comments and Tweets about my phone phobia.  I’m not alone! There are others like me! And it’s funny how many of you are already my friends. It’s like we’re gravitating together! I won’t call you, you don’t call me and we’re golden!

I started coming down with a little bit of a throat tickle Saturday after my AFAA certification (BTW, anyone know how long it takes to get these results in??) and what I had hoped was allergy-post-nasal-drip-nastiness seems to be an actual cold.  Which is awesome when it’s 95 degrees outside.  I don’t like being sick, but being sick in the heat is particularly bad.  Hot tea? No thank you. How about a cold shower instead?

I was less productive than I wanted to be yesterday so my to-do list this morning is swollen with frogs I didn’t eat yesterday.  Luckily, after I eat these frogs I have a trip to Dairy Queen with a Zumbie to look forward to.  Then I’m getting a pedicure on my toes toes.  I’m trying to decide between various pink and purple sparkliness. 

I Lily Love You (Source)

OPI This Little Piggy (Source)

Grape... set... match (Source)







One Less Lonely Glitter (Source)

On the other hand, I just bought One Less Lonely Glitter last week, so I feel like I should use that. On the other hand, I own it so I can use it at any time and I really want to try one of these new OPI colors. I think these would all be considered “First world problems.”

What’s your vote? Pink or Purple glitter?  What’s on your toes right now?

I’m off to do some serious work before I launch myself into ice cream and pedicures.  Have a great day everyone!