Fitties my fitties…. so happy to see you this fine Friday!  Sorry I missed you yesterday for a second post… it was a long day, which culminated in date night and homemade tacos and margaritas. Plural (the margaritas, not the tacos). Then we watched Hot Fuzz:

Classic! We’re so wild. We might be bad influences.  And then I had a gingerade kombucha and I couldn’t sleep so I read until 1:30.

Yesterday I mentioned making my to-do list the night before and how it helps let complicated problems simmer in your unconsciousness while you are busy sleeping (sort of like a crock pot!).  I found it really did work for me.  The next skill I’m working on is doing the important tasks first.

The important tasks tend to be the things that will pay off the most in your future or will have the greatest consequence to your present life.  See:  Mortgage, Paying of.  Sometimes the most important task is the task which will get you closer to your ultimate goal.  This is your frog you have to eat.  Often, the most important task is also sort of daunting, which makes it unpleasant and ripe for procrastination.

Chalene says that we develop self-confidence by overcoming obstacles.  Brian Tracy also says that our brains are hardwired to take pleasure in completing worthwhile tasks.  That’s why little kids insist on tying their own shoes when it’s so easy for you to do it for them.  We take pride in doing things ourselves.

This is one of the benefits of doing those daunting tasks first — it gives you a wave of self-confidence that you can surf throughout the day.  And this is why we should rise up to meet challenges in the first place.  If you’re a bit down on yourself or full of self-doubt, push yourself out of your comfort zone to do something you normally would be too reticent to attempt.  Fitness is a perfect way to develop physical and inner strength for this very reason.  Your body constantly amazes you with how it adapts to your training program and the things is learns to do.  Train for a 5k.  Take a bootcamp class.  Come Zumba with me tonight in AmherstWhen you realize you can train yourself to overcome physical challenges, mental challenges become less daunting as well (and vice versa!)

I will admit that my self-confidence took a beating from a few grades in law school.  It made me afraid to try things and I was really afraid when I was asked to work on some unfamiliar area of law.  I can’t do this. It’s hard. What if I mess up…. it was agonizing. I’d fret and worry until the last possible minute and then, of course, I’d get the project done.  Yesterday, I handled a complicated transaction entirely by myself (I didn’t cut the checks though).  There were a lot of obstacles and there were times when I thought things would fall through or I couldn’t figure things out on my own.  I didn’t do everything perfectly and I was pretty neurotic throughout the process, but I knew it would get done. And it did.  And the feeling of triumph at eating an obscenely ugly frog is really delicious.

I hope today you’ll jot down some goals that represent challenge and growth.  No matter where we are in life, that hunger to grow is there.  But it won’t happen without you stepping out in faith. Sitting around wishing will make you feel worse than taking positive action. Don’t accept limitations imposed by your parents or peers.  Don’t accept limitations from yourself.  We’re born fighters, we can do anything we want.

Reminder! Today is 5-minute Friday!  Here are the guidelines from Gypsy Mama:

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