It’s so weird how the mind works. I completely don’t understand it.  The beauty is, I don’t have to understand it.  I just have to know it works.

Example: People say that you should never characterize yourself in a negative way because you will act in accordance with those beliefs.  So you should say, “I’m a fit girl” not “I’m a fat girl.”  Your noodle will not allow you to have one belief system but behave opposite to your belief system.  So that’s why all the experts tell you to only speak to yourself affirmatively.

Another example: When setting goals, write what you want not what you don’t want. “I weigh x pounds” not “I want to lose 20 pounds.”  When we talk about what we want to avoid, according to the experts, our attention, anxiety, fear and frustration is drawn to what we don’t want.  And then we get more of what we don’t want.  There’s a Buddhist saying the sums this up nicely: “What you resist, persists.”  Or the Elizabeth allegory of the curb: “New drivers who don’t want to drive into the curb and keep looking at the curb will drive their sister’s car into the curb.”

Yesterday, Brian Tracy told me that I should make my to-do list before I go to bed.  Well, we didn’t tell me personally. But his audiobook told me.  He said something about when you write down the problems and tasks you plan to tackle and then go to sleep, your unconscious is hard at work arranging itself to put a beat down those problems the next day.  And I’ll be DARNED if it doesn’t work.

I typically make my to-do list during the morning but have tried Brian’s technique the past couple of nights.  It’s helped me eat a particularly warty, unattractive, goggle-y eyed legal frog.

I’m sort of creeped out by how the unconscious mind works because I don’t really understand it. I’m wondering what it’s been up to all these years.  It should have said hello.  And told me to write stuff down before I go to sleep.  But now that I know it’s there, I plan to exploit that baby!  Welcome to the sweatshop of my life, unconscious! Get ready to work!

Anyone have any tips for reading to understand how the unconscious mind works?