A certain person, whom I’ve mentioned here before… oh, you know her, it’s Chalene Johnson, says in one of her Chalean Extreme videos that if you want to find time to exercise, you have to put it on your calendar.  You have to have a standing date to exercise.

Otherwise, other things creep in.  Dentist appointments, servicing your car, social engagements… next thing you know, the whole week has gone by and you’ve not laced up those fancy sneaks one time!  A standing appointment is something that is non-negotiable.  Think of it like your weekly check-ins with your probation officer.  You can’t reschedule those just because you need to vacuum your floor mats.  Exercise comes first, everything else fills in the cracks around it. 

Now I know there will be some exceptions to this rule… like, say, you have an invitation to have tea with Princess Kate!  Skip exercise for stuff like that.  Do it later.  By the way, I don’t think the Princess skips exercise.  I’m just sayin’.  But those once-in-a-lifetime events will happen so seldom.  Generally, if someone wants to hang out with you on a Wednesday night and you politely say, “I’m sorry, I can’t do Wednesday night, how about lunch instead?  Or how about Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday?”  If they want to see you, they’ll find time in their schedule to make it happen.  Even if you have to schedule it 6 weeks in advance.

One of the great things about teaching group exercise is that it’s non-negotiable.  You gotta show up.  It’s your job! You wouldn’t say, “Sorry boss, my college roommate wants to have drinks this morning so I can’t make it to work after all.”  NO! If you have a work ethic, which of course you do, you’ll be there 99% of the time.  Vacations and sick days are exceptions, of course.  Some weeks, the only exercise I get in is the exercise I teach.  This is because I haven’t been writing my personal exercise days on the calendar.  Guess what happens?  I have meetings or massages or manicures (I know, those last ones make you weep for me. It doesn’t happen often though, just the bare minimum to look decent and walk normally) or family dinners or …………  and there’s no room for exercise in my day.

You gotta exercise folks. It will keep you sane.  It will keep you happy.  It will keep the depression boogabears at bay.  It will keep your skin looking pretty and it will keep your self-confidence bubbling over.  It keeps your metabolism humming and strengthens your bones.  It improves your cholesterol and strengthens your heart.  You need to do this.  No compromises.  Put yourself first.  Remember: You have to put on your oxygen mask first before adjusting the masks of those around you.  You’re no use to anyone dead. Or sick! So get movin’, yes?