“Change in state” occurs when matter transfers phases, such as from solid to liquid or gas.

When Elizabeth has to go back to work after a 4 day weekend, this is also called change in state.  Some elements change state very easily.  Others take a lot of heat to change their state.  Elizabeths have an extremely hard time changing state. 

You cannot apply too much heat to Elizabeths, however, because they get grumpy with extreme temperature changes.  Extreme heat also makes them sweat a lot and it’s gross.

Anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the glory of a long weekend?  Looking at the bright side, I’m well-rested, have a short work-week ahead of me (one that can’t be as dastardly as last week), and my liver really could use a rest. 

On the non-bright side, I have to wear some sort of clothing on my lower parts not made of pajama material.

So if you guys were like me and maybe you loosened up on the eating plan and the exercises during this weekend, now it’s time to get it back together.  More and more fitness experts advise not going hedonistic two days in a row.  Welp, that horse was out of the barn 4 days ago.  So I guess now it’s time to, like, do that healthy fit thing again.

Today’s the day I pick the name for the Brazilian Butt Lift winner.  I hope you’re signed up via my email list. The winner will probably be picked a little later because my husband has to remind me how to get into my email list.

I would be lost without him.  Happy Birthday again Husby!

See you Fitties latah.

Yours petulantly because she doesn’t WANNA GO TO WORRRRRRRRK,