::yawwwwwwwnnnnn:: ::lazy stretch::

‘Morning Fitties!  What a lovely, languorous weekend it has been.  We’ve been sleeping 8+ hours a day and it is GLORIOUS!!  We saw Bad Teacher in the theatre yesterday (it was good but all the funny lines I saw in the trailer were edited out) and rented True Grit which blew me away. Spoiler: a horse dies in the movie. I have a rule in my house that we don’t watch movies where dogs or horses die. There was an incident once with Eight Below.  The Anti-Rat ended up turning it off since I was a sobbing, gulping basket case. What a terrible movie. I think. I never finished it and we gave it away.

Yesterday we had a birthday lunch with the Anti Rat’s fam and for dinner we had a bottle of wine, cheese and olives.  Dinner of champions!

Birthday festivities continue today with a little drive through the country.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow!  Don’t forget… today’s really your last shot to get on the email list to win a Brazilian Butt Lift program!  Signy signy — look for the pink cupcake!