Hey fitties! Quick check in to see how your weekends are going.  I’m super stoked because not only is it my country’s berfday, it is also my husby‘s berfday on July 4. To the husby and the country: May you drink Bacardi like it’s yo birthday.

Today I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom (gack) and husby cleaned the gutters (double gack).  We had our mastermind meeting a la Napoleon Hill and he’s grilling some rosemary infused scallops, asparagus and pineapple.

One the menu for the rest of the weekend: Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, more wine than is good for me, and birthday fruit tarts.  Monday we’re hitting up a Brazilian steakhouse.  Super pumped about that!

We used to head into Boston every year for the 4th, but I have a thing about crowds (and especially drunken college freshman who can’t mind their manners in public. I am a granny) so we’ll be sticking closer to home.

Remember! July 5th! Big Brazilian Butt Lift Giveaway to my email subscribers! Are you on my list? Get on it! I only use it for super emergencies (like butt things).

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Anyone else have a crowd issue?