Hey friends! Well, I almost accomplished everything on my quadruple-booked list today. Except I had to skip the mani. My nails are a wreck. I have the remains of a french shellac manicure.  Just the white tips.  Everything else is shredded off.

Classy = me.

I missed 5 minute Friday last week, but I’m getting back in the swing of things.  For those of you who are new with me, 5 minute Fridays are cooked up by Gypsy Mama and are simply writing prompts that you engage in for 5 minutes. I learned of the practice from Leigh Kay over at Daily Refined. She’s a wonderful writer and a Zumba friend.

If you’re wondering why a fitness blogger is doing 5 minute writing prompts, keep in mind that this is also a blog where we develop our lives in every direction.  Multi-directional living.  Wow, I sound so Oprah-y.

Anyway, I credit uncensored writing with developing my capacity for self-trust, creativity and openness.  I think it’s helped me learn to look at issues from different perspectives.  So! If you’re playing along at home, today’s prompt is Wonder.  Write for 5 minutes without any attempt at self-correction.  Just write.  Write your prompt first so you’re not swayed by others!

Here goes:

A childlike sense of wonder. I think that’s a famous phrase. Who said that? Fellini?  Peter Pan? I can’t recall. I can recall my utter amazement watching my dad “pull” his thumb off.  It’s the more mature version of the “I got your nose” game you play with babies. Even small children cease to wonder at the things that stupefy babies.

We stop the childlike wonder around the time we start figuring out how the world works. When we figure out that a fat man in a red suit can’t fit down the chimney and have the omnipresence to deliver presents around the world in a single night.  How sad for children today — a simple Google search instantly diseplls all of the mysteries of childhood. We stop wondering when we realize most of those mysteries are simply illusions.

A different wonder is available to us as adults. We can understand the world and how it works and recognize the darkness and danger that lurks within it. Knowing what we know about how beastly the world can be, we can wonder at the richness of our lives. We can marvel at the generosity of God, the providence of his universe and the goodness of his gifts.  With this wonder comes gratitude.

I ran out of time here. This was TOUGH.

I hope all my readers have a happy independence day (if you’re in the USA) and a weekend full of wonder and gratitude.

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