I think one of the most debated topics of weight loss is what you need to cut to lose weight. I often catch myself worrying about the carb count of foods simply because the message of processed carb intake = fatness, diabetes and DEATH is so pervasive. The answer is to cut CALORIES to lose weight.

Using the very scientific, double blind method of experimenting on myself, I have found that whether I’m eating a vegan, high carb, or high protein diet I will lose weight as long as the calories I eat are lower than what I burn. Yes, low carb diets do produce a quick and noticeable leaning-out effect, but this is due to the loss of water from the muscle as glycogen is burned for fuel instead of carbohydrate (water molecules are bonded with the glycogen and are lost when the glycogen is burned).

This nutrition professor has also performed a very scientific, double blind experiment on himself and lost weight eating exclusively packaged junk food. He has sort of raised the question that weight loss might be about calories and not macronutrient content after all.

Note: I’m not a nutritionist or dietician or any such licensed thing. So my personal observations of how my body responds to calories are only for conversational purposes. Also, remember that health and wellness is not about the number on the scale — you may lose weight eating a calorie controlled junk food diet, but you will have poor health.

This post was originally published on 11/09/2010.  I’m bringing back a few old school oldies but goodies.