Hey friends! My l-o-n-g series of posts on Finding Balance continues today.  Part I dealt with recognizing a sense of dissatisfaction with your current life path.  Part II dealt with getting to the place where you can make the change.

This post deals with recognizing what the change should be.  This is a trickier topic because it will be different for everyone.  Maybe you’re supposed to be a teacher.  A landscape architect.  A missionary.  A veterinarian. Maybe even (gulp) a lawyer*.

I found my calling just by screwing around.  I always loved reading about health and fitness.  I obsessively read about nutrition.  I loved danced-based fitness workouts.  These are things I do in my downtime.  They make me happy.  I do them for free. So I would advise you to find something you do already for free, out of the sheer love of doing it.  Do you do people’s hair?  Do you run marathons?  Do you knit?  Grow kick-ass vegetables?  Give great massages?  Counsel troubled people? Keep doing it.  Tell other people (by Facebook, Twitter or your blog) what you’re doing.  If what you’re doing is valuable, people will respond to it. And they’ll tell their friends and family.

As my very wise business coach says: There are two steps to getting rich:  1) solving people’s problems, saving them time, or giving them something they want and 2) doing this for a lot of people.  If your hobby does these two things, money will eventually come. Don’t worry about money right away, just keep building up experience in your industry and helping people.  Transforming your hobby into a business is my next post.

*If you think you want to be a lawyer, you need to read this blog, not mine.  Particularly this post. I like this one too, because it involves ghouls.  Or just search their blog for “Bad reasons to go to law school.”  Worst one: I like to argue.