Friday. Oh Friday. Thank you for being YOU. Let’s hold hands.

Hootenany, what a week! And the weekend promises to be as jam-packed (who’s coming to Zumba tonight at 7:30? And who’s coming to Total Body tomorrow at 9:15? And then hip hop Zumba at 10:15???)

Remember in Anne of Green Gables when Anne Shirley says, “Twins seem to be my lot in life”? Time-pressured real estate closings that are scheduled after all the parties have been on vacation for a week seem to be my lot in life. Okay! Well, have fun in Asia, we have an undischarged mortgage from the 60s… but I’m sure it will all work out! See you at the closing, the day after you get back!

When I am bald next week, you will allll know why my hairs fell out. It’s fine, I was thinking of going shorter.

Okay, so my afternoon post will be geared to all you fitness instructors and future fitness instructors because I’ll get ya teachin’. Oh yes. My legal assistant’s catchin’ the fevah (hi Kate!) and one of my friends who lost 3 sizes doing P90x, God Bless her, just taught her first Tap n Burn class on Wednesday (congrats Karen!!!!).  I got lost in parentheses right there.

Anyway:  Reminder:  It’s the FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!  Which means you have the opportunity to win this book:

A winner will be selected from my email subscription list to the right, so get in on it!! Also from my email subscription list, a winner of this little baby will be chosen:

For more info on why, check out the Blogger Brazilian Buttlift Throwdown. Let’s just say a certain little blogger is gonna get her BOOTY handed to her, but it will be cuter and firmer than it already is!