It’s ON like Donkey Kong bloggies!  It’s gonna get ugly in here!  Or… possibly… attractive, rounded and slightly perky! Who knows??

Two of my fellow bloggers, Teresa Mormille and Lauren Clement, and I have agreed for your general amusement and pleasure to have BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT competition.  More details will be forthcoming but(t) here’s what you need to know:

If you’re reading my blog, I claim you for my team.  Tag! No take backs!

Just kidding.  But seriously.  Your asses are MINE!

No really, I am kidding, and slightly inappropriate.  Your asses are yours.  All yours.


Check out the video. We begin August 1 and we’ll be working out until Labor Day weekend (when is that? Sometime in September, right? Don’t you love how specific the rules are?) I’m giving away A FREE copy of the program on July 5th to a subscriber on my email list (and no Teresa, you can’t win even though you’re on my list. You’re butt is going DOWN girlfriend!! I mean, UP!!! It’s going UP!) If you’d like to participate at home, you can pick up a copy of the video (if you’d like to support my blogging efforts here, buying through my “Workouts & Gear” tab at the top of your screen will put a few sheckles in my uncomfortably-snug jean pockets).

Why participate? You win… NO fabulous prizes! Except a high and tight luscious booty and the accountability of posting your completed workouts here. And the right to go to my fellow bloggers’ blogs and heckle them.

What do we get (besides focus for our misdirected social media skillz)? We also get accountability and the right to heckle each other on our blogs. And facebook. And Twitter. And possibly text message. Lauren? I need your cell phone number.

Will we be posting pics of ourselves in bathing suits? Um, that would be no. I am so pale I think that I can’t be captured on film anyway. But I will be posting before, during and afters of me and my aforementioned too-snug skinny jeans.

Game on ladies! Play like a champion!