Morning friends! Today is a lawyering day for me, so I’ve gotta get my head in the law-game.  And then 29 seconds ago someone just posted a picture of a huge margarita on Facebook.

Sigh.  My mind will be wasting away in margaritaville all day.

Remember that old movie (it’s old now, yikes!) Office Space? What would you do if you had a million dollars? I wouldn’t do absolutely nothing, but I can tell ya I wouldn’t be probating estates on a perfect New England day.

The Anti-Rat posted a book review a while back about a book called The Millionaire Fastlane. The author is pretty blunt in the book.  He writes that if you’re trading 5 days of your life where you’re miserable for 2 days where you’re happy, that’s a crappy ROI.

He goes on to disabuse us of the idea that time is a disposable commodity.  The current idea is that we have plenty of time to spend huddled in cubicles, dreading layoffs while we build up a nest egg so we can strap on some Depends and go golfing when we’re 70.That’s assuming we’re not delivering pizzas for extra cash when we’re 70 because our economy eroded like it was dipped in battery acid.

I want to enjoy my life NOW, not when I need Depends!  The people who are doing what they love, of course, aren’t working at all.  They don’t mind spending a perfect summer day doing something they think is valuable and enjoyable.

So I need to hear it:  How many cubicle slaves out there have plans to break out of their chains and pursue their passion?  I’m workin’ on it!  Don’t tell anyone but I still am surprised they pay me to teach group ex classes.  Shhhh.  Our secret.  I’d totally pay them.