Clock be damned, I’m having my lunch at 11:35 because I’m hungry now.  Which I guess means it’s time to do my lunchtime post now? 

If you haven’t checked it out, please scoot over to the Fitnessista’s site and see what I’ve been up to over there.  I’m so honored to have a post up on a blog I adore about a format I love.  There are even pics and you know I never post pics of myself on this blog.  I’m working on it.  I have issues. Mostly because I’m always caught making faces like this:

God help me. In my defense... nope. there's no defense. Just insanity.


Anyway, for those who haven’t been frightened off:  Reminder, on top of my regularly scheduled fitness fun this week, I’ll be subbing this Saturday at Focus on Fitness in Manchester, NH.  I’ll be bringing ya Total Body PiYo-style and afterwards, I think we’ll let the booty out for some hip hop Zumba.  What do you say?