Thank you to my friends, new and old, who visited here today.  FitwithLizzie has grown a lot (a whole lot) in the past few months. Thanks to support and inspiration from amazing people, I’ve got bigger tricks up my sleeves to tickle your fitness fancy (that sounds dirty, but I don’t mean it that way).

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Before I say goodnight and brush the marshmallows off my teeth:

For those of you who come to my classes, thank you.

For those of you who bring friends to my classes, thank you.

For those of you who tell your friends and family about my classes and nag me to print up fliers already so you can hand them out, thank you (you know who you are, Angie D.).

For those of you who wish you could come to my classes, thank you, I love you and sit tight. I’m working on it.

For those of you who have come over from that wonderful blog, Fitnessista, thank you for checking us out. And thank you to the lovely Fitnessista herself for being such a fitness inspiration to so many and for connecting me with such wonderful folks.

And the biggest thank you to my husband, who is my technical support adviser, website designer (“sure, we can make that pink, but it’ll take awhile”), business coach and, at this very moment, set designer.  Things are getting interesting around here!