Last night was our first class at The Dance Company NH in Amherst, NH. It’s a great location — close to Nashua, Merrimack and Milford.  Our little Friday group is growing!

I love the space and Tarryn, the founder and director of The Dance Company, is such a great, positive girl woman (um, she’s younger than I am, so can I still call her a girl? Because I’m a girl). I love her spirit and look forward to the great things she’ll be doing for dance in our community!

Reminder to my Friday students: This floor is wooden, so bare feet aren’t advised.  It’s a floating floor, so it should be good for your joints but the wood will scruff up your feetsies.  If you don’t want to wear shoes, at least wear socks unless you want your pedicurist to have to break out the power tools on your calluses.

Did you check out this guest post from Sarah at Food and Whine yesterday?  If not, please give it a read.  I love how insightful she is and she shared some great thoughts about faith and fitness.  I also have a post up over at her blog if you need more things to read today.

One last house keeping thing:  I have a little email sign up form on this page (look for the pink cupcake on your right).   I have some fun plots in the future, so you might want to plug in your email address to get first dibs.  My next Friday giveaway will ONLY be for my email subscribers. And it looks a little something like this.