Today’s 5 minute Friday prompt is Home.  If you’re playing along at your home, write your 5 minutes before you read what anyone else wrote. It’s more fun that way.

There won’t be a Friday Giveaway this week because there’s just too much going on today AND I have a plan for a super awesome giveaway in the near future.  Hint: It’s Brazilian.  And… it has to do with lifting your butt.  And… here’s a video.


This is a hard prompt for me to respond to. I’m weird about home – always have been. I used to have dreams in elementary school where I would escape from the prison of the classroom and dash for the freedom of home. It’s a habit that carried over in law school. I’d hide in my apartment, dreading having to interact with my fellow students, avoiding lectures and social events at the local bars. For an extrovert, I’m strangely tied to my home. But it’s the place where I have peace, solitude, safety. I can exclude who I want. I can include the people I love most.

I don’t like going out to movies. I can watch movies at home. My home. My couch. My rules. My stuff. I don’t like going out to restaurants (well, I guess it depends on the restaurant…) I have a kitchen. I have food. My husband is a freakishly good cook. I want to be on my turf, out of the public sphere.

Home is where I’m re-energized. It’s where I prepare myself to go back out into the world. Too much time out there is like rubbing my skin with sandpaper.


So if you do the 5 minute Friday writing prompt, let me know! I’d love to read it!