Hi bloggy friends!  Woo hoo!  Thursday!  Date night for me and the Anti-Rat. Tomorrow I’m teaching a million Zumba classes.  Not really, but I’m teaching 2 Zumba classes and demoing a Turbo Kick and Hip Hop Hustle class.  Yowza!  Pass the chocolate chips!

Reminder to my Friday night Zumbies:  Our class tomorrow will be held at The Dance Company NH.  Address is 141 Rte 101a Unit 2b.  The studio is around back.

Okay, on to today’s post.

I had an email exchange with a wonderful lady today and I became aware of an aerobics class that was geared towards “wimps.”  It was suitable for the “unfit or uncoordinated beginner.”

First of all, I will not even go into how unhelpful it is to label yourself things like unfit, uncoordinated, untalented etc.  Your thoughts are powerful and your actions will be in accordance with your thoughts.  This means if you call yourself fat and lazy your behavior will match your thoughts.  I personally don’t like anyone putting themselves or others down in my class.  It’s a waste of your time and mine.

It’s especially unhealthy for a fitness professional to label a class this way.  If she thinks applying unpleasant labels to people will motivate or encourage them to change their lives, this chick knows zilch about human nature.  I can guarantee you this:  If she’d had any training with Queen Chalene, she would know to motivate with positivity, not criticism and negativity.  Usually I’m not so negative myself, but when a fitness professional does this, she is committing malpractice in my never so humble opinion (stole that phrase from Teresa, btw).

I’m not really an expert on how the whole correlation between thoughts and reality works.  Some people think that your brain waves enter the universe and…. I dunno, something happens and you attract what you think about.  That’s a little hoodoo-y for me, and I don’t mean any offense to people who believe this.  They may be right.  It just seems wild to me.  I do believe in self-fulling prophecies.  I remember my sister letting me drive her Camero when I was young (like, seriously young.  Like, 10.  Yeah, she’s awesome).  I didn’t want to hit the curb.  I kept looking at the curb.  Guess what I drove the car into?  The curb.  What you focus on, you will gravitate towards.  Focus on the negative aspects of yourself and that is what you will develop and strengthen.

Anyway, the point of this post is dude, take it easy on yourselves.  PLEASE.  Be nice! Unless you are a professional dancer (or, in my class, a professional stripper) these movements are not natural for you.  Your body will pick up these moves so quickly it will surprise you, but it’s not going to happen the first class.  Maybe not the second class (although for some people, the second or third class is their a-ha class).

I can’t tell you how many people come to me apologetically telling me they’re uncoordinated after class, like somehow they’ve offended me.  Don’t apologize about yourself to me!  Who the hell am I?  I’m not Simon Cowell!  A year ago, I was tripping over myself in Zumba! Yeah, I’m pretty good at it now — I chose the songs! I chose the moves! I’m not going to pick ones I’m bad at! Plus, I do this… a lot.  Like… I dunno.  But a lot.  So just because I may look like I have my $#&(* together in the front of the room doesn’t mean I was like that 3 weeks ago when I started choreographing this piece.  So no apologies.  You’re awesome.  Awesome people don’t apologize for themselves. EVER.  Unless they’re going 55 in a 65 MPH zone.  Then they apologize to me personally.  But generally, as long as you worked up a lather and had fun, you were a raging success in your fitness class.

I have people who have been with me awhile.  Since the beginning. Since my class was 4 people (hi! I love you! You know who you are! And you better be reading this blog!)  And when I put on one of our golden oldies, it is unbelievable to watch these girls ROCK OUT.  They know it like the back of their hand.  They’ve got SKILLZ.  Why? Because they’ve been coming to class, even when they felt like they were uncoordinated.  They kept at it.  And now?  To anyone who’s new to class they’re those intimidating girls who never make a mistake.  It’s not that they didn’t’t make mistakes, it’s just that they didn’t’t beat themselves up over it and they didn’t let the mistakes stop them from coming back again and again.

Allow yourself the freedom to just have fun in your fitness classes.  It will make the world of difference.  The only one who is judging you is YOU.  Everyone else is watching themselves and the instructor.  And if someone is judging you, they’re an asshole and what do you care what they think?  Keep coming to class and rub their nose in it when you’re better than they are.

Or be the bigger person. Whichever.