Another instructor-centric post… sorry to the students out there, but I know someday you’ll be instructors.  Why?  Because I’m a pusher.  You’ll do it.  So listen up! In the end, everyone needs this info.

As you may or may not know, I have a hero.  Her name is Chalene Johnson.  I love her not because she invented Chalene Extreme (which brought me from 0-20 pushups in about a year — on my toes thankyouverymuch).  I don’t love her because Hip Hop Hustle brought out my inna gangsta.  I don’t love her because she’s an awesome mom who puts her family first NO MATTER WHAT and that she’s teaching her kids to be entrepreneurs (side note: you should see her daughter and how she worships her mom.  It is the cutest thing in the world.  I saw it at camp Do More.  This little girl raptly watching her mama dancing and mama looking at her daughter like she is the only one in the audience who matters. LOVE. Times 1 billion. It was like watching a real life Hallmark commercial). I don’t even love her because Turbo Fire with its Turbo music gives one Turbo Abs.

Why do I love her, you ask?

I forget. I’ve had some wine.

OH YEAH.  I love her because Chalene is a pusher too.  And she pushes you to do your best.  Then she pushes you to do better than your best.  And the people who work with Chalene?  They end up pretty freaking awesome.  Some write books.  Some start makeup lines.  Some end up millionaires who have to stop working for Chalene because, at a certain point, you might as well let someone else have a turn while you play Wii with your kids.

So when I tell you that you have the opportunity to make your classes better through the wisdom that is Chalene Johnson, please believe ya’ll need to pay attention! I’m not saying your classes are bad, I’m saying we can all be better.  Even if your classes are already at a level 10, Chalene will teach us how to bring it to a level 11.  And not like Spinal Tap.  A REAL level 11.

Christine Dwyer is like Chalene’s east coast vicar.  You know what a vicar is, right?  A vicar is a representative.  Catholics consider the Pope Christ’s earthly vicar.  If you’re Episcopalian, you also have a vicar, except your vicar represents the bishop of your diocese (see? I know more than just how to get rid of cellulite.  Thank you humanities degrees!)  So in this analogy, Chalene would be Jesus, Christine would be the Pope.  Note, I’m not being sacrilegious — I’m not saying either of these ladies are actually divine.  It’s an analogy, people.  Or Chalene is the bishop, Christine is the… vicar. Whatever.

Long story short… Christine is doing a camp in September for two days called All-Star Presenter Camp. Chalene’s company only allows certain people to lead this camp, and Christine Dwyer is one of them.  Christine has been with Chalene for over a dozen years, so when Christine talks, it’s time to listen. ASPC is about being a more effective instructor.  How to pimp your class.  Market your class.  Promote yourself more effectively (I think item number 1 is don’t blog after drinking wine and try to avoid secular comparrisons to the Pope).

Are you ready?  I’ll be there! I’ll be there with my fitness bestie Teresa.  You know you want to room with us — we’ll be the ones who are hungover for camp.  Info here.

xoxox, E.