My second post is a bit short today, I’ve got to teach Hip Hop Zumba in… oh crap, about an hour and then it’s girls’ nite. Can you say $4 margaritas? Cuz I can!!! Remember, the Friday Giveaway ends tonight! Get your entries in!

Here are the songs:

Un Mes – Reggaeton       Mara
Ana Pa Mi Tambor – Salsa       La Excelencia
Yerbatero – Cumbia Rock      Zumba Fitness   (kinda cool and different, but I could see how one could really dork the choreography up).
Yassou Ellada – Greek / Belly Dance / Batucada  Dj Andy Hughes And Aspacia Feat Lou Fatimus
La Gota Fria – Cumbia    Latin  (Already one of my favs)
En Sus Marcas, Listos, Fuera – Reggaeton        Latin (Another one of my favs)
Pagaras – Cumbia      Zumba Fitness
Hindu Cumen – Indian Fusion / Cha Cha Cha    Zumba Fitness    (really good)
Stand By Me – Bachata      Zumba Fitness    (Nice cool down! One of my students linked to this awhile ago and I thought it’d be a great Zumba song.  Ta da! Here it is!)