…is right now.

That’s all, have a great weekend everyone!

Too easy?  Okay, I’ll expound.  But first, not many people have entered Friday’s Giveaway! Your chances are very, very good! Don’t be shy!

How many of us have real changes we know we need to make in our lives?  Not changes that would be nice to make, but changes that must happen or we are going to suffer significant health, financial or career consequences.

I’m thinking pretty much everyone is in this boat with me.  We’re all works in progress.  So often people are literally desperate to make a change in their lives… “I need to lose this weight before we can start a family,” “I have to monitor my diet or I will be an insulin-dependent diabetic” or “I have to stop going over budget or our family will never get out of debt.”  And then what do we do?  I’ll start my diet plan… on January 1.  I’ll cut up my credit cards… after I pay for the kids’ birthday presents.

We know we need to make a complete U-Turn but we delay acting on that knowledge and we end up further down the wrong street.  To put it another way, we’ve dug ourselves into a hole we need to get out of, but because climbing out of the hole takes work, we decide to dig a little deeper before we go about getting ourselves out of the hole.  Does that make any kind of rational sense at all?

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me for fitness advice and decided to continue to eat poisonous, non-foods while they’ve researched nutrition and exercise plans.  Any guesses on the success rate of the everlasting researcher?  They probably know more about fitness or nutrition than I do that this point, but it doesn’t matter because they refuse to put their knowledge into action.

The thing about action is the more often you do something, the easier that action becomes.  Our brains evolved to make often-repeated processes automatic. So the more often you order Chinese takeout, the easier it becomes to do it.  The phone number is memorized, you already know the number of the meal you want to order and you don’t have to think very long before you decide to order the food. Your brain remembers the other circumstances when you’ve ordered Chinese food (hungry, tired, stressed, late getting home, too busy to cook) and immediately the solution to order in pops in your mind before you have to kick in your critical thinking skills.

The sooner you stop unhealthy behavior and start taking positive action, the sooner healthy behavior will become your second nature.  I was just talking to a friend about this — she made a gourmet dinner (grilled salmon, quinoa and sautéed swiss chard) for her date in about 10 minutes.  He thought since they had been working hard on house projects all day, they should just pop out to dinner.  They were sitting down to eat nutritious, tasty food in less time than it would have taken to drive to a local restaurant. Why? Because she does it so often that it’s actually faster for her to cook a healthy meal than it is to order in or go out for food. Not only was it healthier than eating the sodium-enriched restaurant food, but it was cheaper too!

I encourage you to take a step today towards your goals.  Small steps everyday add up to lasting, positive change.  Don’t wait!