Happy Friday bloggy friends! AIIII! This took forever to get here!  It’s Friday Giveaway Dayy!!  OOOH OOOH!  Party over here!  Oooh!  Ooh!  Deets coming this afternoon.  Get your entry fingers primed and ready to go — everyone can enter.  EVERYONE. Even if you’ve already won a lil’ something before.

Yesterday I blogged about what to do if you don’t like your fitness instructor and gave some tips so you can improve your class experience and help your instructor grow as well.

For my instructor friends out there… how do you handle criticism? Oh man, it’s hard, right? We put so much of ourselves into our classes so it’s hard not to take it personally. It’s one thing to get constructive criticism like “she needs to speak more directly into the mic” but it’s another one to hear “I hate her music” or “all of her songs are too fast.” We have to take a step back and objectively look at the criticism.  If one person out or 40 dislikes your playlist, well… you can maybe change a song or two for their enjoyment but otherwise it seems like you’re doing fine.

Not too long ago I noticed some low numbers in my PiYo classes.  I asked some of my fellow instructors to visit my class and give me feedback (and I love them so much for the tips I got! serious love!) Instructors, rest assured that your students are talking to instructors from their other classes.  So if you feel something’s off, other instructors probably know why.  I found out that the PiYo music was too up-tempo for the mind body crowd who were used to traditional pilates and yoga classes.  No problem — I switched from pop music to groovey, jazzy music.

Then I polled my class to see how they liked the switch.  They loved it.  While I was at it, I asked them to let me know if the level of difficulty was too easy, hard or just right.  I’ll be darned if they felt it was too easy and I needed to push harder with fewer breaks in child pose.  GAH! I live for those child pose breaks!  Oh well, they’re the boss, you know?

It’s a fine line between pushing yourself to grow as an instructor and learning from the strengths of other instructors while still keeping true to yourself and your flava.  Remember Chalene Johnson’s words: You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Just be you times two.

So how do you handle criticism? I’d love to hear your tips!!