I’ve stepped up some of my interval training in the last few days and my legs are really feeling it.  One legged dead lifts… I think I know why they call them “dead” lifts.  Because you wish you were dead while you’re doing them and then afterwards you realize that you are dead.

Beauty of being a fitness instructor #1,002,981:  You don’t get sore as often.  The more you move your body, the more it adapts to what you’re doing. So when you take or teach a challenging class, chances are good you’ll be in pretty good shape the next day. This is both a blessing (because who likes that funny cowboy walk after doing too many squats?) and a curse (less soreness probably means your body isn’t working as hard and burning as many calories).

Chances are good if you have a training coming up, you’ll be pretty sore the next day.  This isn’t because the trainings are so hard, but because you’re standing and sitting on a hard floor for 6-8 hours.  Tip:  If your training is in a group ex room with balance balls, sit on the balance balls during the lecture times instead of the floor.  Your spine will thank you.

I know there are lots of fancy creams and stuff out there like Bio Freeze and arnica gel.  I prefer drinking lots of water and soaking in epsom salts.  I used them every day during my first week as a fitness instructor and then my body adapted and I didn’t need them any more.  I took them with my to Turbo Camp (3 days of working out on a hard hotel ballroom floor, ouch!).  They are old-school, but they miracle workers.  And cheap too!

I got a late post up last night for those of you who missed it.  Happy Humpday!  Are you ready for Friday?  How about another Friday giveaway?? Woot woot!  FYI, I’ll be co-teaching Zumba tonight at Nashua Athletic Club at 6 pm.  Drop-in rate is $12.  Come shake it with me!