One of the most amusing things about watching men’s sporting events is the way they reward each other with a slap on the rump. That slap, which smacks (forgive the pun) of over-familiarity, says, “job well done.” It says, “We’re compatriots. Buddies in arms. We accept each other, even though we may have had our differences before the game.”

Women so need to do this! Maybe not in a literal sense. Please don’t walk up to someone and smack them on the ass and say, “I saw on FitwithLizzie that I was supposed to do this.” I don’t think my professional insurance covers battery.

But in a metaphorical sense, this is such a powerful thing women can do for each other. Especially women in group exercise classes. Think of it this way – who else sees you in your rattiest, sweatiest clothes? Who else sees you with your hair a mess and no makeup on? When you’re in your Zumba or Turbo or Body Pump class on a regular basis, you and your fellow exercisers see each other without adornment or pretense. What an awesome time to compliment someone and tell her what a great job she’s doing, how fit she’s getting, how beautiful she looks, how strong she is. What a great mom, wife, student or friend she is. Who can you encourage today? And why do men smack each other’s butts?