A sort of zen-y post for me tonight… sorry this entry is coming up a bit late.  I have a 2 post per day goal during the week and I’m really enjoying the challenge of focusing my thoughts instead of letting them zing around my head like a pinball.

Of course, when I actually write down that I think women need to smack each other’s butts more, maybe I should just keep my thoughts to myself!  The Anti-Rat texted me after that post went up.  Perplexed is a good word for it.

Today I had sort of a funny experience while teaching Zumba. I forget what song it was, but I know it was new.  I was doing several new songs (Buttons, Prrum, La Vida es Un Carnival for those following at home).  I finished them up at the last minute this afternoon even though I’d been mulling them over for weeks, months and, in the case of Buttons, over a year. Side note:  choreography is a funny thing.  Sometimes you just feel like it’s time to do it, regardless of whether it’s actually ready.  I had the urge today to do new songs and I went with the urge even though I didn’t work through the songs 100%.

Usually when I’m teaching, I’m thinking about the next 8 count.  Scanning the room to make sure people are having fun, using good form and being safe. Today as I watched 33 +/- people following along and smiling and sweating I stepped out of my head and felt tremendous gratitude.  I was able to take a little time away from worrying about what comes next to just enjoy the experience of using my passion and talent for what God intended.  I was able to thank God for allowing me this tiny creative space in my life.  To give and receive energy and positive emotions from people that I otherwise would never meet. I then  bollocksed up La Vida es Un Carnival but oh well.  No one likes perfection!

Many of the success gurus encourage us to be here now and enjoy our today.  So often we think ahead to when we get the promotion, finish the degree, pay off the debt, buy the new house, move to the new city…. we miss the life that’s going on today.  And our life is really made up of a series of messy todays. We keep waiting for tomorrow to be better than today — more abundant, less harried.  And before you know it, we’re out of tomorrows.

The great yoga teachers say that being able to be present in the moment is the one of the most powerful life skills to obtain.  I think they may be on to something.