But FIRST… the results are in from Friday’s Giveway

Olivia Hohm June 3, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Treats – OMGosh! SOOOO many! Let me think. Right now? My favorite treat is stealing a package of my son’s fruit snacks! LoL

Olivia, message me to arrange picking up your book and your treats — your son’s fruit snacks are safe!!!

I just noticed today on the Zumba website that there’s a new Zumba certification called Zumba Jump Start Gold.  This allows a potential instructor to get certified in two formats (Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold) at the same time.  Zumba Gold is lower impact Zumba that is suitable for older crowds or de-conditioned exercisers.  It’s a handy certification to have because so many Americans fall into those catagories.  Putting the two certs together in one day is more time efficient because individually the certs are scheduled to last 8 hours each (although they seldom do). 

Cost-wise, it is beneficial to get both certifications at the same time.  Individually, getting both certs would be around $470 ($200 for Zumba Gold and $270 for Zumba Basics).  The Zumba Jump Start program is $320.  Do you need the separate Zumba Gold certification to teach lower impact Zumba classes?  Probably not.  The ZIN materials already include songs marked as suitable for Gold-level classes.  However, the training will provide tips and techniques to modify your classes to be safer for Zumba Gold audiences.  Even if you don’t ever plan on teaching Zumba Gold, I think this is a real bargain to get both certs at once.  There are resorts and 55+ communities seeking instructors who can teach these lower-impact classes.  You can tell them “I’m Zumba Basics certified and I can modify my class to suit low-impact exercisers” or you can say, “I’m Gold and Basics certified and I am trained to teach classes to all levels of exercisers.”  Which do you think sounds more appealing?