Hey blog friends!  Happy weekend!  Was it just me or did that “short” week feel like the longest week ever???

This morning I’m scampering off to take a pilates class from an amazing instructor.  I sub for her a lot so in keeping with my principles of successful subbing, I want to check out her class so I know what to deliver for her students when she’s not there!

Did you know there’s a pretty schweet giveaway going on?  Check it out and enter if you haven’t already!  Larabaras and fitness, my friends.  Get on it!

Also, if you missed Teresa’s guest blog yesterday, you can read it now.  She’s so cool, we have some fun escapades ahead of us.  Oh Lord.  No pictures will be involved.  Tequila may be involved.  And fitness definitely involved!

She posted some awesome (by “awesome” I mean “awesomely dorky”) pics of me over on her blog.  Have a good laugh this morning!