I got some good business advice yesterday that I think translates well into fitness advice.  Advice for any endeavor, really.

Nothing works if you keep changing your mind.

There are many diet plans and fitness programs out there that will help you slim down and improve your overall fitness.  Regular walks are one method.  There are great at-home programs (see those bright colored pictures to your right? I posted those here because I use them and love them.)  Heck, even the loathed P90x works.

The key is to pick a program, believe in it, and go for it. If you keep doubting yourself and changing from one program to another or one diet plan to another you will never give the programs time to work and you will miss building up the momentum you need for success.  Part of building up momentum is giving something time to work, being encouraged by the success and resolving to commit to the program until you’ve achieved your goals.

I am so guilty of this it’s not even funny — I have hundreds of great programs I can do and I’m so overwhelmed about picking the right one I often do NONE of the programs.  Does anyone remember Bridget Jones’ diet method?  She had so many diets she had tried that whenever she cheated on one diet it technically would be okay on a different diet.  It never worked.

Time to Decide, Commit and Success friends!

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