This was a heartening story.

‘By the time I was 27, my blood pressure was getting high and my doctor started me on medication. I had already developed sleep apnea and acid reflux.’

Mr Calderwood said he became sick of visiting doctor after doctor so decided to finally do something about it. He joined weight watchers and started keeping track of what and how much he ate and by March last year, he had lost 100 pounds.

One way he did this was by taking food to work rather than gorging on the cafeteria’s $5 all-you-can-eat lunch special.

It doesn’t always take grand sweeping changes to turn our health around.  Sometimes it’s one small change, like switching soda for water or making a rule that no eating takes place in front of the television.

Can you think of a habit that you’re holding on to that is harming your health?  What’s one step you could take to change that habit?