Everyday I get an email from motivational speaker Brian Tracy in my inbox.  Sometimes he just provides daily quotes, other times he has interesting business perspectives.  Generally, his emails deal with harnessing your gifts to create a profitable, peaceful enjoyable life.

Who doesn’t want a life like that?

Today’s email discussed the three types of energy — emotional, physical and mental energy.  Physical energy is what gives you physical stamina to do a task.  Emotional energy is what gives you a “sparkle” or enthusiasm.  Mental energy is what allows you to tackle difficult mental tasks.  These three energies work together to help you accomplish your goals in life.  Driven, successful people seldom lack energy.

Brian Tracy invites the reader to consider which energy (or energies) are lacking and what activities deplete the energy.  Are you always tired because you stay up too late watching television?  Or because you lack good nutrition?  Or maybe you are mentally exhausted because you spend time reading negative news articles about the economy, your favorite celebrities and corrupt politicians  (can you guess which energy is my weakness?).  When it comes time for you to put your brain to work, all of its energy has been spent in unprofitable pursuits.

The third area, emotional energy, is the area where I often see people undermine their efforts to get in shape.  If you have negative self-talk or negative input from friends and family, this will deplete your emotional energy.  Even if you combat the negativity, it sucks up your store of positivity and enthusiasm.  Without sufficient emotional energy, life seems like an impossible chore.

Brian Tracy encourages us to examine our lives for “energy suckers” (my words, not his).  Find people and pursuits that are depleting your energy and find a tactful way to avoid them.  You are saving your energy for the important things you have to do in life.

I guess this means no more trolling the gossip sites for me (I LOVE celebrity gossip).  How do you plan to protect your energy from the suckers?