A few months ago, I decided to try P90x. Even though I’m perfectly happy with my Chalene-based workouts (Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, PiYo, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle), I thought I should have some personal experience with P90x since it’s one of the products available through my store.

So I stopped doing the fitness programs I loved to experiment with the program that everyone else loved. That was my first mistake.

I come before you as a P90x quitter. I quit P90x, not because it didn’t work (it did), but because I didn’t like it. It made me dislike working out more than I already do. Additionally, being a competitive person I tried to lift as heavy as possible and ended up getting a little bit bulky. No, I don’t look like the Hulk, but I’m a little more “built” than I would like. I’m built a bit like a fire hydrant. Short and stocky and I put on muscle super easy. Not a great look for me.

Here’s 3 things I liked about P90x:

1. Tony pushes you to “bring it.”

No half-assing it through the moves. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. That’s part of the reason I lifted such heavy weights.

2.  The moves are effective.

I definitely noticed a change right away in my body.  Plus, I added some new lunges to my lower body repertoire.  Oh, and the ab moves were killer.

3.  The program was not exceptionally difficult.

It wasn’t easy but it was certainly manageable.  The cardio classes were difficult but not nearly as intimidating as I thought they would be.

All in all, P90x is a great program for some people.  I know many people who’ve used it to great effect.  It wasn’t right for me.

Here’s 4 reasons why I quit P90x:

1.  It wasn’t fun.

I have to constantly remind people that I actually do not like working out.  Because I do it almost every day, they think I really like it.  I don’t.  It’s pretty boring.  It’s repetitive.  Gym equipment is a great transmitter of plague and ague.  It takes me away from my family.  I sweat and stink and it gives me extra laundry to do. I have to do my hair all over again after a workout.

So you can bet your boots if I’m going to workout I better forget right away that I’m “working.”  I need to be tricked into thinking I am having the time of my life, partying it up.  That means great music (fail, P90x) and great booty shakin’ moves (also fail, P90x).

2.  The jokes were incredibly lame.

Sorry Tony acolytes.  He’s a dork.  He’s in great shape but his jokes made me cringe.  Chalene’s jokes make me laugh no many how many times I hear them.  My favorite is on one of the Turbo Kick instructor DVDs when she hoots, “You’re gonna be wearing a THONG.  AT THE MALL.”  And it just cracks me up.  Like, why the mall?  Why not the beach?  Am I wearing PANTS on top of this thong at the mall? Or is my bum so high and tight that I cannot bear to cover it with pants?

3.  It was way, way, way, WAY too long.

I don’t mean to put men down, I’m not a man-basher.  But only a man has over an hour to devote to his workouts 6 days a week (sometimes more if you’re doubling up).  Women with jobs, kids, homes, families and a social life would find this more difficult, I think.  I ended up splitting my workouts up into two parts, but I found myself resenting the time it took away from fun things I wanted to do.  It also meant that twice a day (instead of once a day) I had to gear myself up for workouts.  It also meant I needed to shower twice as much and dirty twice as many workout clothes.  No thanks.

Chalene Johnson’s workouts are short.  She knows you don’t have all day to spend honing and perfecting your physique.  35, 45 minutes workouts.  I think she has ONE 55 minute workout.  I love that.  And you get great results.

4.  I didn’t care for the warm-up.

I love Chalene’s warm ups.  They’re dynamic stretches that warm the body, slowly elevate the heart rate and start to prepare the muscles for their training.  P90x’s high knees and arm swings didn’t feel like they warmed my body as effectively.  Also, he stretched right after the warm up and I prefer to stretch at the end of the workout when my muscles are super noodley.  Many people disagree about when it’s safe to stretch and what kind of stretches you should do.  My personal preference is post-workout.  That’s just me.

So there you go — my honest opinion of P90x.  Keepin’ it real for ya.  Those of you who love P90x, great! I hope you keep rocking it and getting great results.  Those of you who want to try P90x but weren’t sure about it, if you dislike “my” kind of exercise (loud, raucous, booty shaking, funny classes) you will probably like P90x.

I’d love to hear your experience with P90x or any of the Beachbody programs.  I will love Chalean Extreme till the day I DIE.

I also want to add a disclaimer:  I am a Beachbody Coach.  I became a coach because I love the programs and convinced enough people of their awesomeness that I thought Beachbody should give me a cut of the money I make for them!! The links in this post (and the ones on the side of your screen) will take you to my Beachbody store.  If you purchase a Beachbody program, someone will benefit financially from your purchase.  If you valued this post of the other info on this site, I would certainly appreciate you buying the program through me!