The trouble with diets are… depending on how much weight you have to lose, you have to stay on them for a really long time.  And then, once you’ve lost the weight, you have to continue eating fewer calories than you ate at your previous, heavier weight.

So, if you have 30 pounds to lose and you can lose 2 pounds per week, well, that’s over a year on a diet.  And if you’ve only got 5 or 10 pounds to lose, plan on losing more like 1 pound a week because weight loss happens slower the closer you get to goal weight.  So plan on 5-10 weeks to take of the last 5-10 pounds.  At least.

The rub is staying true to your diet for that time. I’m talking about treats and how they interact with your weight loss.  Even healthy treats.  When you’re only trying to cut 250-500 calories per day to make up your caloric deficit, one or two little slips (a Lara bar here, or a Snickers bar here, a Frappucino there, a handful of Jelly Bellies from the office candy jar…) and you’ve gone bust on your calories for the day, unless you want to cut actual nutritious food out of your diet to make up the difference.  I don’t recommend that.

Some people are thinking to themselves, “Treats in moderation Elizabeth!”  If you are a treats in moderation person, you can click “close” on your browser window right now.  Because if you can do treats in moderation, you are probably not in need of a diet.  If you are a person who can purchase a packet of Resees’ Peanut Butter cups and eat one cup and forget to eat the other… you are a person who probably does not have weight to lose.  To me, you are like a mythological creature.  Like a unicorn.  If you have ever let your Halloween candy go bad, you probably do not need my help.

I have tried the treats in moderation thing people.  And I’m here to tell you… for some of us, it’s just not a possibility.  One bite of the metaphorical apple (and by apple I mean Lindt chocolate bar) and it’s over.  We’re done for.  One bite is too much and one thousand bites isn’t enough.  What do people like us do?

Well, part of it is exercising self-discipline.  Which I hate.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not a Prussian.  I dislike self-denial.  I prefer french fries.  Ooh, and tacos.  But I also like abdominal muscles that are visible to the naked eye.  My answer to that is the treat day.

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