… going to be announced tomorrow!  I know, I’m a stinker.  Matthew’s playing a show tonight and won’t be home until quite late.  This was so fun, I think I might do another book giveaway next Friday!

I just realized that the “Zumba He!!” title below looks like “Zumba Hell.”

And I just wanted to say that I love my Olay Professional Pro X brush.  I’m sweaty or dirty pretty much 70% of the day and this little sucker really helps to gently clean my skin.  I almost sprang for the Clairsonic brush at 10 times the price but thought I’d give the $20 tool a shot first.  I almost took it back because the batteries are a pain to get in and it felt like there was no way something so gentle could be effective.

But lo and behold, I really can tell a difference.  Big recommendation from me!  I thought the cleanser that came with it a tad too drying though.

See you tomorrow for the winner announcement!