On behalf of fitness instructors everywhere, I beg of you… please don’t hit the door right before the cool down begins.  The cool down is an important part of the work out so don’t skip it!  You’ve spent 50 minutes gettin’ your groove on with the microphoned crazy person at the front of the class, please gives us one more song to let your heart rate come down gradually and stretch all those muscles you’ve been working.   I spend a lot of time picking a fun song to play!  If you sprint out the door you might also miss important announcements about upcoming classes or changes to the schedule.  Plus, some of my best jokes happen in the cool down.

Just kidding.  None of my jokes are very good.

So do your body and my ego a favor and stick around to the bitter end.  Otherwise I feel like you simply can’t stand the sight of me for another 3 minutes and 40 seconds.