Don’t worry, eating a frog is not part of some new diet effort.  It comes from a quote by Mark Twain:  “Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Brian Tracy riffed on this message in his book “Eat that Frog.”  For years, my mom had a stuffed frog on top of her computer screen to remind herself to eat the frog early in the day because if you save it for last your whole day is filled with anxiety about the impending frog-eat.

Frog eating is not my strength.  This is true in fitness (I hate early morning workouts.  Mostly because I hate early mornings).  I like to save my workouts for the evening but, as I’m sure you all know, it’s easy to never really find time to get that evening workout in.  I’m tired.  Laundry needs to be done.  The breakfast dishes are still in the sink.  Lunches need to be made for the next day.  Maybe some family time should take priority.  And before I know it, my intent to workout slips away and, wouldn’t you know it, I usually don’t accomplish many of those chores that were more important than working out.

This is one of the great assets to being a fitness instructor — you have to show up.  Maybe we’ll blow something off if we’re the only one affected, but if you have a group of people who expect you to show up and give them a workout you find a way to shift your life so that your class gets taught no matter what.

I find myself struggling with frog eating in regular life too.  A client memo needs to go out… I agonize and put it off… and once I finally sit down to do it, I’m always surprised at how much easier it was to do than I thought it would be.  If I would just sit down and get it done, I’d save all that wasted anxiety energy and get it done a lot sooner!  But why don’t I?

I’m not really sure.  It’s a skill I’m still working on.  How do you force yourself to “Eat the Frog?”  I’d love some tips!