More importantly, will Pilates get you Pippa Middleton’s body?  Inquiring minds want to know…

This article chalks up Pippa’s perky posterior primarily to Pilates (say that 5 times fast, it’s fun!).  Have you ever tried Pilates or a similar fitness routine to get sleek sculpted muscles (without bulk, naturally) and low body fat?  I say this as a long-time wannabe ballerina:  dancer bodies are born, they are not made.  Unless you have that naturally trim, long-limbed, low body fat physique, all of the roll-ups and Hundreds and clam shells in the world will not take you from a Kardashian to a Darci Kistler.  Aside from the obvious genetic advantage Pippa shares with Princess Kate and their mum Carole, there were rumors that they were on a French diet called the Dukkan diet, which is essentially a low-fat version of Atkins.  Don’t we all know people who got really skinny on Atkins but didn’t keep it off?  So I think it’s a bit disingenuous of her to say her bum is owed to a weekly pilates sesh and not to fantastic genetics and strict dieting and training sessions.

Funny thing about famous women… I have to digress here, do you mind?…. they all want to be thin but they never want to own up to restrictive dieting and exercising like crazy.  Ever notice that?  Pick up any Shape or Self and whichever actress who happens to be on the cover stays underweight by using occasional yoga, pilates and hikes with her dog… of course she indulges regularly in treats like a single square of premium quality dark chocolate.  The cocaine habits, eating disorders and plastic surgeons never get mentioned in those articles.  Huh.  Weird.

Anyways! My point (I do have one) isn’t to condemn Pilates, which I like and which can really help you learn correct placement of your body, but to condemn the idea that a particular exercise routine will make us look like a certain actress or Princess.  It sets us up for nothing but frustration. If it works for her, why isn’t it working for me? More importantly, for those of us with a few pounds to lose, Pilates won’t help us burn off many calories. That’s significant since it’s the caloric deficit that will help us lose weight.  For those of us who need cardiovascular strengthening (which is pretty much everyone since heart disease is a leading killer) Pilates ain’t gonna cut it there either.

My opinion is you should do your “soul mate workout” — the one that gets you out of bed in the morning.  And you should do it because you really enjoy the exercise, not because you hope that you will magically transform your body into someone else’s.

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