I have practically googled my poor fingies to the bone trying to figure out if one can moderately consume alcoholic beverages and still lose weight.  There are conflicting opinions out there.  One is that you will lose weight as long as you eat fewer cals than you burn and it doesn’t matter if those calories come from carrots or cocktails.

Another approach says that alcohol consumption can delay fat loss because your liver produces acetate, which your body prioritizes as a fuel source over carbs and fat.

I’m not a doctor and so I can’t advise about whether wine or other alcoholic beverages are good nutritional choices.  I am a hedonist, remember.  We hedonists are great fun at parties but we make poor health care advisors.  So obviously you really need to listen to your doctor if this is a serious issue for you.

I discovered that I cannot lose weight and drink alcohol.  Calories be damned, if I’m drinking, I ain’t losin’.  Whether it’s because I have a habit of pairing my wine with just a nibble of cheese or chocolate or bread (or all of those things, let’s be honest) or if there is some biological factor going on, I don’t know.  But I have done the self-experimentation and I can tell ya: some people will not lose weight if they’re drinking even moderately. It’s a bit depressing because there are studies that show some women actually lose more weight when they drink red wine regularly. Lucky bitches.

My solution is to have a wine treat day every 10 days so I can drink my 2 glasses, then it’s back to burning off my the booty fat.  I’d be interested in your experiences — have you counted calories religiously and noticed that alcohol stalls weight loss?  Please share tales of  your own self-experimentation!