Hey fitness fiends/friends! Long time no blog.  Sorry, it’s been a whirlwind of travel and wine tasting and work.  For those of you who are local and who take classes with me, my Thursday PiYo class in Milford will be finished at the end of May.  Instead, I’ll be teaching a Wednesday, 5:45 pm Zumba class in Manchester at the Workout Club.  I love the members already — these ladies are FIERCE booty shakers.  Just the way I likes ’em!

In addition to those changes, I’ve been tweaking my diet as I mentioned in my Vegan ’til Dinner post. I’ve been feeling a tad out of shape lately and my skin and body just have not been the best.  Part of it is the yummy wine I’ve been indulging in (hey! Wine is HEALTHY, I’ll have you know.  Chocolate too!)  Conventional wisdom tells you that treats are fine as long as you workout.  Well friends, I am living proof that you can workout HARD and regularly and if you have too many treats, you will get squishy.  By definition, a treat is an occasional thing, not a daily thing. I know there are some people that can drink beer and eat cookies every day and not show it.  I, alas, am not one of those people.  More on that in posts to come.

As far as new Zumba songs go, I’ve added “Backseat” by the Cataracts to class and it’s an awesome dance.  Super high energy, a little sass, a little sexy edge… perfect Zumba song in my opinion!  I’ve also added Christina Aguilera’s “Show me How You Burlesque.”  I’m obsessed with burlesque style dances — I even took a workshop back in February and it was so inspirational.  One of my fellow instructors did “Show me How You Burlesque” and I couldn’t wait to put my own spin on it.  It’s definitely one of my favorites right now!

If you’re in the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire area looking for some booty kickin’ booty shakin’ on May 14, why not come out to the Zumba Fitness Summer Kickoff?  Local instructors will be leading a 3 hour class at the Claddagh pub in Lawrence, MA from 5-8pm.  I’ll be teaching too — my first invite to an event like this and I’m honored/scared/excited/determined to bring it!

Final item of business… if you’re not following me on Facebook and/or Twitter, pretty pretty please will ya?

Shake it loud and proud out there friends!