Two years ago, before I started down my path of teaching group ex classes, I experimented for a few months with veganism.  I really loved how I felt as a vegan and the desserts were really, really good.  Unfortunately, as I started teaching I found myself hungry ALL. THE. TIME.  My poor coworkers would feed me every hour or so when I’d come scrounging around for food in their cubicles.  And eventually I got lazy and started eating granola bars (hey, they’re vegan, right?) instead of fruits and veggies and the whole thing went to pot.

Since I loved how my skin looked and my body felt (digestion issues, GONE. That’s all I’ll say) eating vegan, I’m trying a little experiment of eating veganly until dinner where I will have animal protein.  So far so good!  It’s a pleasant way to eat and I still get enough protein to keep me feeling energized.

And I get to eat a lot of hummus.

Any vegan athletes out there?  What are your tips for being an active non-meat eater?