AIIII I’m SO EXCITED YA’LL!!! My favorite flavor of ice cream is pumpkin. Okay, that and Cherry Garcia. Okay, and possibly mint n’ chip. Or something with coconut.

Let me rephrase: one of my TOP TEN FAVORITE ice cream flavors is pumpkin. And nothin’ says holidays to me like shivering in the crisp New England air over a serving of pumpkin ice cream. The trouble is, most commercial manufacturers add dreadful ingredients like corn syrup (yes, I’m looking at YOU Dreyers’). We have some awesome mom and pop ice cream places nearby, but they close as the weather starts to chill (and ingredient lists aren’t available from them, so who knows what’s in their ice cream?)

As if the pumpkin ice cream issue were not sufficiently fraught, dairy does not agree with my skin. As much as I like ice cream, my vanity usually wins out and I pass it up to avoid horrible little cysts on my chinny chin chin. I’m like an ice cream martyr.

SO! Imagine my delight when Dreena of Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan posted a PUMPKIN ICE CREAM (yes all caps = very necessary) RECIPE!!!

Don’t be turned off by the vegan label — desserts are one area that you often don’t miss animal-based fats. Even if you’re not a vegan, this is a great clean ice cream recipe for clean eaters and people looking for a healthy treat option during the holiday season.

Once my Halloween sugar buzz dies off, you know I’m jumping on this one!