A few new songs added to the roster:
Ke$ha’s “Take it Off” which is my absolute FAVORITE off all the choreography I’ve ever done. Actually, every song I choreograph is my favorite because, hello, me? choreographing? Get out!

We’re also doing Pa a la Discoteca a Bailar (from one of the ZIN’s but with choreography modifications) and Vinny Blessed’s “Fuego.” This is an awesome reggaeton song I pieced together with choreography from other instructors that’s out there on YouTube. I can’t take credit for the moves.

For those of you visiting this site who can’t come shake it with us, I hope you’ll still join us for our Fall Fitness Challenge. My team and I are going to finish 2010 stronger, healthier and fitter than we started it! All you need is to set any health-related goal. Contact me to join and get free coaching.