TurboKick is a tough workout… it’s High Intensity Interval Training and it’s an hour of movin’ and shakin’ to some HOT HOT music (and lucky for my students, I LOVE to sing along!)

Sometimes my Zumba dancers don’t think they’ll enjoy Turbo.  But I promise you — Turbo is kickboxing for dancers!  The music is awesome, and there is plenty of booty-shakin’ and challenging choreography.  PLUS, it’s very toning (Chalene is famous for those TURBO ABS).

If it feels like it might be a little intense for your fitness level, I PROMISE you I have students of all sizes and shapes who modify the workout and take water breaks when necessary.  To my knowledge, no one has ever died from Turbo, but plenty of people have gotten FIT!  As Chalene says, you want a soft body? Then do a soft work out.  But if you want a hard body, you gotta work hard.

Come try a class (check my class calendar for times/locations).  It’s $5 – what do you have to lose except some extra fat?!